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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

Cherokee, Oklahoma is Hometown for Sand Creek Outfitters. Cherokee is located not too far from the Great Salt Plains Wildlife Refuge, provides an amazing amount of land for wildlife and roost for waterfowl and sandhill crane.

How much does it cost to go hunting?

This is the most common question we get asked and remains one of the most difficult.  The simplest answer is more then you think; but no where near what it is worth.  Those who have never experienced destination hunting often has sticker shock; but they forget what the cost of hunting are.  A moderately skilled hunter will often have nearly $100,000 invested in truck, dog, guns, trailer, decoys and gear.  Note this does not include the really expensive item; land!  While hunting on public land has low individual cost it is often over hunted, under cared for, difficult to scout and poorly designed for hunting.  Land designed for hunting is worked year round.  Shooting lanes, feed plots, water and attractants are all used to help foster a healthy game population.

The Wilder Family goes back several generations and has roots extending through out the country.  Family owned land coupled with leases in every direction gives Sand Creek Outfitters tremendous resources to give hunters the best opportunity to be successful.  100s of game cameras watch animals over 10s of thousands of acres.  Kaleb’s team of highly skilled outfitters are constantly scouting roosting areas, nesting beds, feeding patterns to put hunters where they need to be. 

Finally there are the practical matters.  Sleeping, eating and other comforts.  While the restroom habits of bears is well known; few modern hunters feel the need for such primitive comforts.  Sand Creek Outfitters provide you and your party a warm, comfortable lodge; complete with a professional grade kitchen, rest rooms and entertainment area.  We will also clean you catch and prep any animals you want mounted.

Bird hunts can range from $2000 to $3000 a person for 3 days of hunting with all inclusive food and lodging.  Deer hunts other extend to 5 days and cost around $5000.  If you are looking for other large game such as Elk, Mule Deer or Antelope we can help you work through the point system and make those hunts work as well. 

What you are paying for is the experience.  We will help separate from your day to day and capture a once in a lifetime moment that is not just a story you will tell a thousand times, but a memory you will live over and over again.  Yeah; that doesn’t come cheap.

What do Sandhill Cranes taste like: 

We have all heard Rib-eye of the sky.  Well that nickname is popular mostly because it rhymes.  That being said there is not another air borne animal that even comes close to the quality of Sandhill Crane meat.  The density of the meat if very close to beef with very little marbling.  Closer to less fatty cuts of Bison or Elk.  But unlike either of those two tasty giants Sandhill Cranes have something in common with Ahi Tuna is that it takes on characteristics of flavoring.  You can do any number of things with Sandhill but I strongly suggest to prepare it as the star of the plate.  While Goose and Duck as other best served with bacon, more bacon and then deep fried wrapped with bacon and served with Bacon flavored ranch dressing; Sandhill should be allowed to stand on it’s own thin legs.

I came here to hunt cranes… So we are hunting cranes all three days right? 


That would be ideal; however the Cranes almost never show up to the quarterly planning meetings and never answer text, phone or emails.  Frankly when it comes to our wishes they might as well be members of congress (although there is the benefit of being able to legally shoot them).

Birds follow patterns and when they break that pattern we have to adapt our game plan.  If the Cranes don’t roost where we need them it is unlikely we will see them with in 50 miles of us when the sun rises.  If it gets bitter cold, crazy winds or becomes unseasonably warm the Cranes will not leave their roost.  This is why the professionals scout, watch patterns and are ever prepared to adapt.  If plans are changed one day to ducks or geese; that change is being made because a successful duck hunt is vastly better then a lousy crane hunt.  My best day Duck hunting was on a Sandhill trip where the weather dipped to polar bear weather.  Come ready to have the experience of a lifetime and you will be in the right mindset.

What should I expect on hunt at Sand Creek Outfitters Oklahoma?

Hard work is where we will start with, a hard working staff that will go above and beyond to make your experience the best possible. Knowledgable guides and new lodge that make your stay as comfortably relaxing and "Amazing" food throughout your trip.

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